I had a chat with a lady a week ago about re-positioning her brand. She was working on growing her business and wanted to change part of her brand as she did that. Which I totally agreed with!

Her initial thought about rebranding to me felt more like starting over. She was going to throw out all her current packages, her current tag line, her logo, while in reality all she wanted was to attract a bit more engaged and committed people for the same services (differently packaged but the same services nonetheless)… To me it felt more natural to make small tweaks to all of it to make the business grow.

I told her that there are 2 ways to look at re-positioning your brand:

  1. Growing your business by tweaking
  2. Virtually starting over by changing everything

Like always there are ups and downs to both but in general I would recommend going for 1.

Pros & Cons of tweaking your brand

When you just tweak what isn’t working you aren’t alienating everyone that has already worked with you or is thinking about working with you. You can just make sure that you are attracting the right kind of clients. You get to be clear(er) with your communication around what you do and whom you serve. You can stop doing specific services, or add an extra one that makes sense.

Down-side is that you will still have the same company, the same brand and it might take a bit of time to get people to notice the changes depending on what you do and how you do it.

Tweaking makes sense if you only want to:

  • Change/add/remove services
  • Change your ideal clients (slightly)
  • Up your pricing

If you want to completely change what you do or who you serve drastically, then it might be good to start over.

Pros & Cons of starting afresh

When you really feel like your services are completely off, not just the packages but completely what you offer, if you don’t want to serve the current client or anything near it, then it might be time to start anew. You can come up with a new brand, a new tag line, new services and get some new refreshed energy from the get-go.

You are however starting over which means no brand recognition, no fans, no followings.

Doing a combination that will result in pain and suffering

I have to be blunt and say that lately I have seen quite a few people that should be doing a repositioning but are doing it so big, so bold that it feels more like starting over. They are keeping the name, maybe the logo, but everything else changes so much that noone even feels like they know the company anymore.

If you feel like your business needs to change in order for it to grow, please only tweak. Don’t remove all your services at once, don’t drastically change who you are speaking to online. Make small changes that weeds out those that aren’t right for you anymore, without alienating EVERYONE.

Start by adding a service first that fits your new direction, get some traction there, remove another service, change the tone in your communication a bit. Start slow. In the end this is a marathon, not a race and you don’t want to go off so quickly that you burn out before you arrive!

If you want help changing your brand to fit the new you, your new direction and your new awesome clients, book a Online Marketing Magic Momentum Session with me!