When you have a small business, LinkedIn is one of your most important marketing channels. Especially if you have a service-related business.

On LinkedIn you can let people know what you do, what your skills are and who your clients are. You can give status updates, show presentations you have given and connect with people.

But first you need a really good profile. And today I want to give you 19 tips on how to get just that.

How to get that awesome LinkedIn profile:

  1. Let your name be your name (no additions!)
  2. Make your headline catchy and searchable (have keywords in it that you want to be found on)
  3. Upload a great photo that shows the real you
  4. Make sure the photo is taken by a professional, so you look professional
  5. Add all relevant contact information (and make sure those that should be able to see it, can see it)
  6. Get a good customized profile URL
  7. Write a great summary . Do not write just your skills, but your story. What you do, for whom and why.
  8. Write about ‘I’. Don’t describe yourself in third person.
  9. Use keywords in all your descriptions, both the summary and job descriptions. Searchability is key.
  10. Add presentations or video’s. Show what you have done.
  11. Add skills
  12. Showcase stuff you do or have made in ‘Projects’
  13. Endorse people
  14. Recommend people (It is the best way to get to #14)
  15. Get people to recommend you
  16. Add any awards or achievements you received
  17. Don’t forget to show your good side by showing off your volunteer work
  18. Add everyone you know and would suggest if people would ask for them (Try to get over 400)
  19. Join groups you feel connected to (You do not need to join 50 of them)


And some extra tips on using LinkedIn:

  1. Update your status at least once a week. You will stay more in the picture that way. Doesn’t matter whether it is sharing a blog or posting your latest presentation. (Ps. Updating your picture will do it too)
  2. Connect with people; react to posts, send messages, be there.
  3. When you want to link with someone send a message. Do not just invite, whether you know them or not.
  4. Do NOT add people you do not know

Good luck! And let me know if you want to link (Don’t forget to add a message!)