Social media comes in all shapes and sizes.

There is Twitter where your message has to be shorter than 140 characters, Vine where it’s all about a 6 second video and on Pinterest is image the leading lady.

Blogging has less defined shapes. You can use as much or as little text as you want. You can add video, images, infographics.

Blogging is your foundation for your other social media channels. You can always lead your fans, followers or connections back to your own blog, where you can more room to talk about what you want.

And that is a very important reason to have a blog next to your other social media channels.

Need more reasons why you should have a blog? Here are 10:

  1. Your blog can drive traffic
    People who will like your blog will return regularly, driving more traffic to your site. The fans might also refer others to your blog.
  2. Google (and other search engines) will love you
    Having a blog means that your website gets updated more (if you don’t blog once a year that is). Google loves websites with new, fresh content on a daily/weekly base, especially if people click on those links, and so if you keep blogging and generating traffic you will gain places in Google. You can also add more keywords that are important to your business.
  3. Show your expertise
    Well, I hope that one is obvious. If you blog about your topic, you can show your expertise to your (possible) clients.
  4. Keep your visitors updated
    By showing your expertise you can keep your visitors updated on your specific topic, but you can also keep them updated on how your company is doing. People love to know what is going on inside a company, because it makes you more trustworthy.
  5. Increases believed professionalism
    For a lot of people a static website isn’t enough anymore to believe you are a credible company. Almost anyone can get a website these days. By blogging regularly you show your visitors that you are still there, you know what you talk about and are not some fake. Very important these days.
  6. Show values
    When you show how your company is doing, you can also show how you are coping with that. Or how you ran in that marathon. How you all lunch together every day. These kind of things will show visitors your values which – again – increases the believe in your company and makes you more trustworthy.
  7. Put your company in positive limelight
    As you can show your values and what you are working on you can put your company in more positive limelight if you ever need to. You also have a podium of explaining yourself if that needs to happen.
  8. Develop contacts
    It’s an easy way to keep in touch with clients and reach out to potential clients as they can see what you know, what you offer and can check you out for as long as they want before buying from you.
  9. Reach a bigger market
    Because so many people have internet it is also an easy way to reach more people. People that are not local or in your focus group could still find you and love what you are doing. Your market just got a whole lot bigger.
  10. Cost-effective
    All points above are being achieved within it costing a fortune. Blogging is fairly cheap, especially if you do it yourself. You need a host (but if you have a website you already have one), you might need a professional theme (again, you probably already have one) and you’re done.


What are your most important reasons of having a blog? And if you don’t have one already, which of these reasons would make you think again about it?