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Hi! My name is Natalie and I am your ticket to making marketing fun and easy

As an entrepreneur you have a passion for your company and you want to serve as many people as you can. But man, that ‘selling’ thing is hard and no fun at all! That’s where I come in. I want to teach you how to market yourself in a way that feels easy and in flow with who you are and who you want to help.

Together we will make sure your marketing bedazzles your clients while you are having fun doing it!

Happy Clients

The comments below are my clients’ whom I’ve helped transform their business

Natalie helped me clarifying the structure of my marketing strategy. She showed me the steps that led me to a clear direction. When I got in touch with her I said: “I feel like I’m lost, I have no direction and I don’t know what I’m doing”. During the session, we went through the key points and I can tell you that I feel much more confident about my strategy now. I really recommend Natalie as her way of explaining these concepts is extremely simple and understandable, yet super effective.
Alessia PandolfiVirtual AssistentVirtual AlessiaHelsinki, Finland

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What can I do for and with you?

You don’t have to do ‘this marketing thing’ on your own. I’d love to help you out with consultancy sessions, website development, social media management or training and workshops. So marketing can be fun AND get you that dreamy client!

Online Marketing Magic

Need some magic for your marketing? Whether it is one-time session or 3 months of working together, I love to help by answering your most burning questions regarding your online marketing while making sure you have actionable steps to fix what is wrong and get that ideal client in. All while having fun of course!

Site that Shines

Whether you need a simple website to get you started or a great website to take you to the next level, Digitalie offers websites for all wishes and budgets. All websites have great, modern and creative designs that show off your amazing business and attract that ideal client for you.

Training - courses & workshops

Digitalie offers several courses and workshops to make sure you know what you need to rock your marketing while having fun. Whether it is an individual training or a group course, all workshops are fun while educative and make sure that you have everything you need to get your marketing to the next level!

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