Make your marketing feel like magic!

I work with passionate entrepreneurs who want to find their dream client in an easy way that totally fits them.

It has to be magical, enticing the right clients to come work with you, but should be simple and fun at the same time.

Learn how to use tech in online marketing in a way that works for YOU. I’ll make things seem simple and easy for you to do. Using the computer to communicate has been my go-to tool for as long as I can remember and I will use that skill to help you communicate better with your ideal client.

Hi! My name is Natalie and I am here to make your marketing magical!

I am an online marketing strategist and a tech specialist that helps entrepreneurs make their marketing feel like magic: easy, fun and very effective!

When I was 3 years old I already understood how the tech in our house worked better than my parents… And now I use that knowledge to bring some magic to the world!

As an entrepreneur you have a passion for your company and you want to serve as many awesome clients as you can. But man, getting people to know you (marketing) is hard and no fun at all!

That’s where I come in. I want to teach you how to market yourself in a way that feels easy and in flow with who you are and who you want to help. By setting things up the right way it will feel easy and simple while looking like magic to your clients.

Together we will make sure your marketing bedazzles your clients while you are having fun doing it!

Happy Clients

Thank you so much for a very useful and informative 90 minutes. You gave me lots to think about, lots of actions (GOOD actions) to take, and ideas to play with. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you, you’re a totally genuine, friendly, and awesome person and businesswoman. The Skype call went without a hitch and it was great having the ability to screenshare with you. Much love and gratitude. Sharon
Sharon JacksonPath42Morecambe, United Kingdom
I just started my business as a travel agent and I learned pretty quickly that I needed help. My communication, thoughts and ideas were all over the place and I was stressing about it. After only a few intensive sessions with Natalie I had a clear path on what I needed to do to achieve my goals (short term and long term). She helped me identify the ideal client and made it clear that my dream should be visualized in order to achieve it. Natalie is an open-minded lady-boss that has a lot of knowledge about marketing in general. She has clear focus on what I can achieve and her approach is personal. Her advice is practical and easy to implement in my day-to-day activities. If you are not sure if she can help you, I can only advise you to ask her. She has very good deductive skills.
Krishna DrostTravel AgentReizen met KrishnaApeldoorn, The Netherlands
Natalie helped me clarifying the structure of my marketing strategy. She showed me the steps that led me to a clear direction. When I got in touch with her I said: “I feel like I’m lost, I have no direction and I don’t know what I’m doing”. During the session, we went through the key points and I can tell you that I feel much more confident about my strategy now. I really recommend Natalie as her way of explaining these concepts is extremely simple and understandable, yet super effective.
Alessia PandolfiVirtual AssistentVirtual AlessiaHelsinki, Finland
Before working with Natalie I was confused, frustrated and annoyed with myself for not knowing all the answers. I was too close to my business to see what needed to happen and knew I needed help. Natalie delivered exactly what I needed. During the Intensive, she confirmed what I suspected and set me straight on thoughts that were leading me astray. The result is a more focused approach to my marketing, a plan that’s aligned to my goals and a funnel that’s going to set me up for success. Effortless to work with, Natalie is now an integral part of my business support team.
Helen DibbleIncredibble MarketingManchester, United Kingdom

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Want to chat about simplifying YOUR marketing?

What can I do for and with you?

You don’t have to do ‘this marketing thing’ on your own. I’d love to help you out with consultancy sessions, website development, social media management or training and workshops. So marketing can be fun AND get you that dreamy client!

Online Marketing Magic

Need some magic for your marketing? Whether it is one-time session or 3 months of working together, I love to help by answering your most burning questions regarding your online marketing while making sure you have actionable steps to fix what is wrong and get that ideal client in. All while having fun of course!

Site that Shines

Whether you need a simple website to get you started or a great website to take you to the next level, Digitalie offers websites for all wishes and budgets. All websites have great, modern and creative designs that show off your amazing business and attract that ideal client for you.

Magical Media

Need some hands-on help with setting up channels, making content, writing your newsletter or other content and technical related questions? Don't worry! We are here to help! Magical Media offers several solutions to make your marketing magical!

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