You don’t have to stress out over your online marketing!

Imagine feeling relaxed, knowing:

  • your email marketing is doing great
  • your social media works like a charm
  • you’re not spending too much time on your online marketing

You can stop laying awake thinking how you need to make time for your marketing. You can just take care of your biggest passion: your business!

Online marketing can be quick, easy and even *gasp* fun!

Why should I believe you?

Natalie VijlbriefHi! My name is Natalie and I am your Marketing simplifier

As a creative entrepreneur you have a huge passion for your company and you want to spend all your time on your core business. As an online marketeer I am here to help you achieve that by simplifying your marketing and making sure it doesn’t take up much of your time. I have worked with computers since an early age and love how the internet has improved communication. Let my passion for technical communicaion help you, so you can spend time on your passion: your creative company.

Years of experience

Thank you so much for a very useful and informative 90 minutes. You gave me lots to think about, lots of actions (GOOD actions) to take, and ideas to play with. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you, you’re a totally genuine, friendly, and awesome person and businesswoman. The Skype call went without a hitch and it was great having the ability to screenshare with you. Much love and gratitude. Sharon
Sharon JacksonPath42Morecambe, United Kingdom

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My blogposts will teach you the good stuff

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If you followed along my steps last week I am sure you already have a great idea of who your ideal customer is. But have you found them already? Today I want to share with you some tips on how you can find your ideal clients in the places they hang out. 7 ways to find...

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How I will find your ideal customer with you

A lot of the clients I get, struggle to find their ideal customer. To work out who their ideal client really is, I go through the process described here with them so in the end we know everything about their ideal customer. Who do I want? Step 1 in the process is...

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How a business model is involved in marketing

I have been asked recently how a business model can be involved in marketing and why I use a business model canvas when working with my marketing clients. Since I feel it is a really important, intricate part I wanted to show you why. Business model canvas The...

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Questions to find your dream

Any marketing plan you are going to write should start with your dream. Not just because it will give you a vision of where you want to go, but it will also help you shape the business you want to create. Like I have said before you don’t want to start a...

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Mission and vision is such non-sense!

Yesterday evening I was out with a friend talking about our respective businesses and at some point she told me that one of the clients she was working with had taken a break because they were working with someone on their ‘Mission’ and...

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5 steps to your easy online marketing plan

You and me, we want to build businesses we love. And we want the marketing to be easy, something we don’t have to think about daily. We just want to know what needs to be done, do it and be done with it. To be able to do that we need an easy-to-use marketing...

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