You don’t have to stress out over your online marketing!

Imagine feeling relaxed, knowing:

  • your email marketing is doing great
  • your social media works like a charm
  • you’re not spending too much time on your online marketing

You can stop laying awake thinking how you need to make time for your marketing. You can just take care of your biggest passion: your business!

Online marketing can be quick, easy and even *gasp* fun!

Why should I believe you?

Natalie VijlbriefHi! My name is Natalie and I am your Marketing simplifier

As a creative entrepreneur you have a huge passion for your company and you want to spend all your time on your core business. As an online marketeer I am here to help you achieve that by simplifying your marketing and making sure it doesn’t take up much of your time. I have worked with computers since an early age and love how the internet has improved communication. Let my passion for technical communicaion help you, so you can spend time on your passion: your creative company.

Years of experience

Margreet Jonker
I knew nothing about blogging and even had an aversion against it. I was wondering ‘Who would read blogs?’ and ‘What do I have to tell?’. Because of the workshop I know see the purpose of blogging. I have gotten very practical and easy to implement advise to be able to write blogs. And I have thought of at least 40 blogposts with Natalie’s help. My first blog is almost finished! I never thought that I would get this far in such a short amount of time! Thanks to Natalie’s expert support! Now I just need to make time to keep up…
Margreet JonkerCareer coachHelder Loopbaanadvies

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My blogposts will teach you the good stuff

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Questions to find your dream

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